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The course is the culmination of 20+ years of working as a software developer, leading and managing teams as well as years of managing international recruitment teams.I have seen both sides of the fence in the game of technical recruitment. I have seen every mistake developers make during the job search, application and interview process. I want to help you to avoid those mistakes.The course is for individuals and groups. I work alongside organisations such as coding bootcamps as well as developers just looking to take the next step in their career.

course reviews

"Thank you for all your great advice. After 60+ interviews and 5 offers, I accepted one with absolutely everything on my wishlist, and doubled my current salary!”
- Gerard M.

"I keep pushing them to you. People are getting jobs and interviewing all over the place ..."
- Laurie Wilson, Director of Partnership Outreach @ Savvy Coders

I can wholeheartedly recommend David's program to anyone who is looking to upgrade their career. The value he brings to the table is undeniable."
- Ryan Desmond, CEO @ Coding Nomads

"Within 5 weeks of my 26 week Bootcamp, 33% of the students who were engaged in David's program had already received job interviews, I've never seen that happen before"
- Trevor Page, Founder @ Coders Campus

"David's advice is absolutely essential to bootcamp graduates, do as he says and you'll land your first job sooner than you know!"
- James B.

The Course

🚨 Includes 14 day money back guarantee 🚨

The ultimate careers course for Software Developers and those looking to break into the industry. Learn how to make your profiles stand out to recruiters and employers, how to unpack your technical skills and experience as well as how to network and job search like a professional.

For developers

  • Full course videos

  • Workshops/Q&A sessions

  • LinkedIn

  • GitHub

  • Résumés

  • Documenting the journey

  • Networking

  • Job search

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Side projects

  • Portfolio websites

  • Going remote

  • 50+ videos

  • Everything in STANDARD plus unlimited video profile reviews to monitor your progress and gain feedback along the way

To integrate the course into your organisation or coding bootcamp or for group purchases 👇

group courses

Careers coaching for your organisation or coding bootcamp. I work alongside your team to help your developers to stand out in the market and land more interviews

  • $750pm

  • Everything in STANDARD plus...

  • Unlimited video profile reviews for students

  • FREE Trial

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Do you want to talk? You can now book a 1:1 session with me whenever you want. Calls cost $15 for a 15 minute session. Come with your questions prepared 💥

NOTE: If you wish to discuss courses for your organisation or coding bootcamp, please send me an email to arrange a chat 🙇


If you are looking for a cheat sheet 🤫 or simply a way to sanity check the changes you have made to your profiles, these are a great place to start.I hope you find them useful🤞

LinkedIn Checklist
GitHub Checklist

The Book

Prefer to read? 🤓 Don't want to commit to the course just yet? Try the book 📕 It contains much of the same information as the course and is a great place to start!

LinkedIn Checklist

The Course

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🚨 Come along for a relaxed discussion and Q&A session on all things related to careers in software development and tech. I hope to see you there🤞These sessions are private and restricted to those on a paid subscription or in a qualifying bootcamp.

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Outreach Email

Hi 👋,I'm a software developer specializing in [INSERT MAIN TECH HERE e.g. Node, React, TypeScript]. I have skills with [INSERT SUPPORTING TECH e.g. AWS Lambda, S3, Redux and Jest]. I would love to be considered for a role within your organisation. What can I show you in order to be considered as a viable candidate?For further information, please view my [LinkedIn], [GitHub], [Personal website]. To talk to me, please [book some time on my calendar] or reply to this email.Kind regards